This page contains a list of resources for UNC Christian Faculty.

  • Tenurebooklet by Joseph Mellichamp from Campus Crusade’s faculty site Leadership U, now Faculty Commons.  The booklet on how to get tenure contains a wealth of good advice for all junior faculty.  The web site contains a wealth of information for Christian faculty.
  • The Bible Gateway provides online Bibles in many languages for reading and research.
  • The C.S. Lewis Institute endeavors to develop disciples who can articulate, defend, and live faith in Christ through personal and public living.
  • The Veritas Forum hosts discussions on Christian and faith issues and pursues discussions on the continued relevance of Christ in the search for truth.  They have several video interviews on their web page and also events at universities.
  • InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministries website.
  • The Easter ad that we ran in the Spring of 2011 can be found here, and the 2018 one here.  The “Welcome to the semester” ad for the Fall of 2012 can be found here, the Fall 2014 ad can be found here, and the Fall of 2015 can be found here.  The fall of 2017 can be found here. The Easter 2023 ad can be found here.
  • A talk presented by Chris Clemens, Chair of Physics & Astronomy, to the Faith and Science group can be found here: Singing to God_Hank_ds_2rmt.
  • A Wikipedia page listing Christian thinkers in science over the centuries and today can be found here.