The following Christian faculty asked to be listed as Beacons on the Hill, listed by department.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact any of them for faith-related issues including open discussion about their faith and what Christians believe.

Department/School Name Phone Email
Biostatistics Todd Schwartz 843-8232
Business School John R. M. Hand
Business School Jana Smith Raedy 962-7475
Business School Doug Shackelford 962-3197
Business School Jan-Benedict Steenkamp 962-5979
Classics Luca Grillo 962-4534
Computer Science James H. Anderson
Computer Science Gary Bishop 962-1886
Computer Science Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. 962-1931
Computer Science David Stotts
Computer Science Russell M. Taylor II
Economics Donna Gilleskie, PhD
Education Gregory J. Cizek
Epidemiology Jim Thomas 966-7434
Exercise&Sports Science Sunny Yu 919-806-7957
Genetics Jeremy Purvis
Media & Journalism Marshele Carter 719-440-1000
Media & Journalism C.A. Tuggle
Medicine Laine Stewart 843-4355
Medicine Young E. Whang 843-9983
Otolaryngology Brent Senior 966-3342
Pharmacy Lisa Dinkins 843-5119
Pharmacy Fred M. Eckel 967-2237
Pharmacy Jo Ellen Rodgers 962-2249
Physics & Astronomy Chris Clemens 962-3018
Social Work Mary Agnes Rawlings 806-0179
Statistics and Op. Res. Mario Giacomazzo 480-489-1398
Dept. Surgery, retired Charles Herbst 967-6625

The following additional Christian faculty members were included in our “Welcome to a new school year” and Easter advertisements in the Daily Tar Heel from 2009-2017, again listed by department:

Department/School Name Phone Email
Business School Richard A. Bettis
Business School Larry Chavis
Business School Bob Connolly
Business School Biersach Cooper
Business School Jamie Crandell
Business School James Dean
Business School Lynn Dikolli
Business School Joseph Engelberg
Business School Bill Grumbles
Business School David Hofmann
Business School Michael Jacobs
Business School Jim Johnson
Business School Mark Lang
Business School Albert H. Segars, PhD
Business School Valarie Zeithaml Steenkamp
Business School Steve Stubben
Business School Valarie  Zeithaml
Carolina Vaccine Institute Nancy Davis, PhD
Chemistry Todd L. Austell
Chemistry Paul Kropp
Chemistry Domenic Tiani
Computer Science David Plaisted
Computer Science Jack Snoeyink 962-1969
Dentistry Lee W Boushell, DMD, M.S.
Dentistry John Ludlow
Dentistry Samuel Nesbit
Dentistry Allen Samuelson
Dentistry John Tiffee
Dentistry Don Tyndall 843-4655
English & Comparative Lit George Lensing, Jr
Family Medicine Martha C Carlough, MD, MPH
Family Medicine Allen Daugrid, MD
Family Medicine Cristy Page
Genetics Derek Chiang
Media & Journalism Pat Davison
Media & Journalism Heidi Hennink-Kaminski
Media & Journalism Steven King
Media & Journalism Terence Oliver
Medicine Sarah Adams
Medicine Jay Anderson
Medicine Paul Armistead
Medicine Sylvia Irene Becker-Dreps 843-4818
Medicine Eugene M Bozymski
Medicine Watson Bowes
Medicine Bhisham Chera
Medicine David Chesnutt
Medicine Alice Chuang
Medicine Albert Collier
Medicine, Surgery Nancy DeMore, MD
Medicine Jimmy Ford
Medicine, Ophthalmology Amy M. Fowler, MD
Medicine, Ophthalmology W Craig Fowler, MD
Medicine William K. Funkhouser 966-6417
Medicine Todd Granger
Medicine Rick Hobbs
Medicine Charles Hultman
Medicine Ari Isaacson
Medicine Everette James
Medicine Andy Kiser
Medicine Vincent Kopp
Medicine Hank Lesesne, MD
Medicine Allen Liles, MD
Medicine Edmund Liles
Medicine Kevin Mouillesseaux
Medicine Steven Park 843-7942
Medicine, Surgery Tim Sadiq
Medicine Praveen Sethupathy
Medicine Don Spencer 966-6058
Medicine Laine Stewart
Medicine Karyn Stitzenberg 966-5221
Medicine, Cardiology Rick Stouffer, MD 966-4366
Medicine, Obstetrics John Thorp
Medicine John A. van Aalst
Medicine Anthony J. Viera
Medicine Benjamin Vincent
Medicine Jennifer Vincent
Medicine Sam Weir
Medicine Herb Whinna
Microbio/Immunology W June Brickey
Nursing Nancy Crowell
Pharmacy Heidi Anksorus 843-2583
Pharmacy Steve Caiola 966-4557
Pharmacy Stephen Eckel 966-5749
Pharmacy Leaf Huang
Pharmacy Timothy J. Ives 843-2279
Pharmacy Richard J. Kowalski, PharmD
Pharmacy Kim I Leadon
Pharmacy Philip Rodgers
Pharmacy Bob Shrewbury
Physics & Astronomy Charles Evans
Political Science Timothy McKeown
Public Health Oscar Aylor
Public Health Denise Hallfors
Radiology A Everette James, Jr. SCD, MD
Radiology Joe Stavas
Sociology Margarita Mooney
Sociology Peter Uhlenberg
Statistics Jan Hannig